Plus eInvoice

A Plus eInvoice is a dedicated module of the Plus Workflow system to the management of invoices sent via email. After receiving an invoice by email, the module launches the process of invoice approval. The module attaches the invoice to the document workflow form and reads the data included in its header - Contractor ID, Tax Identification Number, and others.


The Plus eInvoice module is intended for managing invoices attached in email correspondence in the Plus Workflow system. It allows monitoring one or several mailboxes on which the contractors send invoices. Thanks to the module, the invoices may be initially indexed by the data included in the header of a message – sender, subject, receipt date. The email ID is assigned automatically. The Plus eInvoice automates the archiving process of electronic invoices and data sending to the Plus Workflow or the Plus DMS (electronic repository).

The workflow process of a given invoice begins when a module reads the data from a PDF file and forwards it, in a text form, to the Plus Workflow system, with the attached invoice. Such an invoice receives a status ‘An electronic invoice’ to be easily differentiated. The module fulfills the requirements of the Minister of Finance Regulation from the 20th December 2012, in terms of sending invoices in an electronic form, the rules concerning their storage, and access mode. The Plus eInvoice is compliant with Polish law and security principles.


The Plus eInvoice possesses a wide spectrum of functionalities, such as:

  • supporting two email reading protocols: POP3 and IMAP,
  • forwarding of emails with the attachments to the Plus Workflow/DMS system, along with the indexes automatically assigned based on the email heading, e.g.,
    – A sender,
    – Receipt date,
    – Subject,
    – Mail ID – assigned automatically,
  • email filter by senders authorized to send invoices via email, downloading the data about the authorized senders from a base created by a dedicated process of adding the authorized email addresses,
  • managing the processed message from an authorized sender – the ability to remove, send or copy it to the other folder on a mailbox,
  • an expanded reporting system on the status of a message processing,
  • automatic recognition of a file format – JPG, TIFF, text and standard PDF,
  • automatic reading of field values from a PDF text file and forwarding the defined index values along with the file to the Plus Workflow/DMS system – as a result, it is possible to launch workflow of such an invoice,
  • automatic linking of an electronic invoice image with an email ID,
  • individual archiving of files with an invoice image – when one email contains several attachments with the invoice images, the module forwards each file individually to the Plus Workflow/DMS system,
  • automatic determination of the status of invoices received on email – An electronic invoice,
  • defining PDF files’ templates in a graphic tool available to an authorized user,
  • saving PDF templates as XML files,
  • reading proper index values from PDF files (invoice image) basing on the defined templates. Defining templates is realized in a dedicated application – Plus Template Configurator.

License characteristics of the plug-in:

  • License – for the server, an unlimited number of users and processes,
  • Thresholds for the number of documents supported:
    * 1000 invoices / month
    * 2500 invoices / month
    * 5000 invoices / month
    * 10,000 invoices / month – please contact us to place an order
    * an unlimited version – please contact us to place an order,
  • The component designed for the server version of the Plus Workflow,
  • The component is available with the Plus Workflow system license from version 2.9.