Plus Workflow – processes and documents management

It is a modern and comprehensive BPM solution for managing business processes and documents. Plus Workflow supports electronic document workflow, document scanning, and OCR. It also enables designing new business processes using Plus Workflow Editor, creating e-documents, and archiving of content. The main goal of the system is the reduction of costs and optimization of business processes.


The Plus Workflow system is a solution that allows reporting and accepting purchase requests, combining invoices with orders, registering outgoing and incoming correspondence, creating and reviewing contracts, and storing employees’ documentation in the form of an e-Portfolio.

Plus Workflow Editor

This is a graphic business process modeling studio for Plus Workflow. By virtue of this solution, it is possible to independently build and run subsequent document workflows, using one of the most popular modeling standards - Business Process Model and Notation.

Multiple Modules

The Plus Workflow system is equipped with a number of modules facilitating work with the system and minimizing the costs associated with the implementation of processes. These include, among others: Plus e-Invoice, Plus e-Documents, Plus Mail, Plus Assets, Plus Mobile, Plus Business Trip, Plus Task Manager, Plus NIP Checker, Plus Drag & Drop or Plus CSO (Central Statistical Office).


Possibility of integration with any IT system (e.g. SAP, Movex, Symfonia, QAD, IFS, Optima, etc.). All the documents and data from the Plus Workflow system are transferred to external systems through dedicated web services, flat files, and communication with database tables.

  • Fast access

    from any web browser

  • Processes management

    in a real-time

  • Endless possibilities

    of the system’s configuration

  • Security of

    business documents and data

  • An economical solution

    for any type of business

  • The easy design of the processes

    with the drag & drop method

Graphic studio of business processes modeling
Plus Workflow Editor

Independent modeling

The ability to independently launch documents flow within the organization.

Flexibility and independence

The possibility to design any forms by the usage of the drag&drop functionality.

User-friendly interface

It allows intuitive and easy work in the Plus Workflow Editor.

Cost saving

Creating new processes independently reduces the costs related to engaging IT specialists.

Document scanning and OCR

Advanced solutions which allow, apart from standard scanning of invoices and documents, their recognition in the system thanks to the OCR mechanism. This solution reduces the workload associated with the registration of the invoice, while the customer settles only for the number of invoices from which the data was read.

It is a module that enables sending invoices accepted in the Plus Workflow System. The invoice data is read using OCR technology. This solution reduces the workload associated with invoice registration, and the customer pays for the number of invoices.

It is an independent application that allows scanning, improving quality and exporting documents to external systems, such as Plus Workflow. Kofax products are available in three versions: Kofax Express, Kofax Capture and Kofax VRS.

ABBYY is an advanced solution that allows reading data from both the header and the invoice item by the usage of OCR. The application is able to learn in the scope of data reading, due to which the subsequent invoices are scanned and read with greater efficiency.

This advanced application allows reading data from both the header and the invoice item. It is also equipped with an intelligent learning mechanism, thanks to which subsequent contractor invoices are read with greater efficiency.

Plus DMS – electronic document archive

The Plus DMS module is an electronic document repository that allows storing documents in secure and efficient system structures, regardless of the conducted business processes. Thanks to this solution, each user has access to critical information contained in documents from a web browser. The electronic archive can be used for scanning and archiving a set of customer documents, i.e. application, contract, statement, complaint, correspondence, invoices, personal files, product documentation and others.

Additional services

Service support

Suncode support services are designed to provide high comfort of work with implemented solutions. They include, among others, consultancy for administrators and users of solutions, support in the field of process modeling and taking care of the ongoing development of built applications. As part of these services, we offer a document scanner service provided throughout the country, as well as the outsourcing of electronic document storage.

Individual and team training

The training is dedicated to both administrators and users of implemented solutions as well as for those responsible for launching subsequent document flows. Appropriate training is conducted by trainers with extensive implementation experience, who provide practical knowledge on how to easily and quickly launch subsequent workflows due to Plus Workflow Editor, without involving IT specialists.

Implementation of BPM systems

Suncode provides modern IT solutions that support organizations in managing business processes in any area of their business. Our leading solution is the proprietary Plus Workflow system that allows reflecting every business processes directly in the program. Thanks to Plus Workflow, the work is performed in an easy and pleasant way, as it ensures full mobility of work and the security of documents and information transmitted.

Robotization of business processes

The Plus Workflow system together with RPA components enables the development and launch of dedicated robots (computer programs) which perform repetitive activities according to a specific algorithm. Robots reconstruct users’ actions through non-invasive techniques such as operating on HTML pages, ``screen scraping`` or scripts. They enable work in various IT environments.