19 Mar
Combining of processes in the Plus Workflow

Combining of processes in the Plus Workflow

The Plus Workflow system is an IT environment, in which it is possible to reflect any business process realized in an enterprise. At the present day, there are available over 100 processes on the Plus Workflow platform. The approval and assignment of invoices and registration of purchase requirements are not the only functionalities offered by our BPM system. Quite the contrary, in the system there may be launched a wide spectrum of processes from various areas of enterprise operation.

For example, the same system may reflect the process of contract archiving and the flow of invoices. For this process configuration, the Plus Workflow enables the creation of mechanisms aimed at checking the compliance of data from an issued invoice with the provisions of a signed agreement. Furthermore, a user may induce a preview of a contract saved in an electronic repository of the Plus Workflow system, just by one click.

The integration of processes and mutual use of data enhances the efficiency of realized processes by eliminating activities that do not add value to the customer. A well-tailored solution may increase employees’ productivity by about 30-50%. Importantly, planning all the activities results in noticeable benefits. Moreover, as a result of the connection of processes, the system may automatically control the entered data, removing any inconsistencies.

Is optimization necessary?

In an era of increasing competition, investment in new technologies often appears to be the only chance to survive. Domestic companies are boldly deciding to implement IT solutions. This should not be surprising, as according to the article “Mobilize Every Function in the Organization for Digitalization” by Garnter, about 67% of business leaders agreed that a company will lose its status if it fails to introduce changes in terms of digitization by the end of 2020. As stated in the ICAN Research “Digitization of large and medium corporations”, a high percentage of responders assessed that revenue growth has increased from 73% in 2018 to 89% in 2019. (see the chart below).

We are convinced that the solution offered by us may provide tangible benefits, such as cost reduction, shorten of implementation time, coordination improvement, and comprehensive organization of the documents.