30 Jul
Sending correspondence directly from the Plus Workflow

Sending correspondence directly from the Plus Workflow

The Plus Workflow system has many components enriching its functionality.But did you know that the Plus Workflow also enables sending correspondence and parcels directly from the system? Thanks to it, the user significantly reduces the time for posting a parcel, which streamlines the work of administration, and eliminates the occurrence of mistakes.

Sending a shipment may be conducted in two ways. For this purpose, the employee may use the Integration with the Poczta Polska module and send the parcel via the e-sender of the Post Office. The second option is the module of integration with the UPS. In this case, the user may order a courier from a company located in Plus Workflow. How proceeds the work within these modules?

The Poczta Polska (Polish Post) offers a solution called e-sender. It not only optimizes and facilitates the dispatch of shipments but also allows the users to monitor costs generated by correspondence. In the Plus Workflow, the user creates an address book and correspondence report, which may be later easily export as the XML file. This file is then read by the e-sender. This solution allows the company to control the inward and outward correspondence. When registering a domestic or foreign parcel, the user can print a label with a barcode, parcel number (already assigned by Polish Post), and the recipient’s details. After affixing the label on the parcel, it is ready to be sent. A shipment register, along with the charged fees, is created in the system automatically.

The pandemic has led most consumers to order purchases mainly via the Internet. According to the Gemius Polska report “E-commerce in Poland 2020 in the eyes of Internet users”, about 73 % of Internet users buy online now. Delivery directly to the home by a courier convinces up to 74% of consumers to buy online. The module of integration with a courier is a new functionality of the Plus Workflow system. Thanks to it, the user may swiftly control the orders of courier services and types of sent packages. Moreover, it is a universal and comprehensive solution for all enterprises, which meets the requirements of today.

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