Plus Index

The Plus Index module is an extension of the Plus Workflow system. It allows indexing the scanned or electronic documents, which are then transferred to the Plus Workflow system or the electronic archive.

The Plus Index allows the automatic retrieval of files generated by external data sources (e.g., multifunction devices) and their recognition based on multiple criteria (including barcodes).

The application also monitors the contents of the source directory, where the images of documents with barcodes are stored. It allows dividing the scanned documents in line with the codes previously assigned to them and describe them.

After the description, the documents are sent to the Plus Workflow system.


The Plus Index module has a wide range of functionalities, such as:

  • Recognition of files in TIF and PDF formats;
  • Merging and splitting document images;
  • Automatic barcode recognition;
  • Enlarging, downscaling, and rotating document images;
  • Indexing and displaying the document image in one window;
  • Classification of document types based on information from the barcodes;
  • Downloading a set of indexes required to describe a specific type of document from the Plus Workflow system;
  • Dynamic differentiation of displayed indexes depending on the indicated type of document;
  • Monitoring the directory and retrieving documents stored there by multifunctional devices or external systems;


License characteristics of the plug-in:

  • License – for a workstation, an unlimited number of users, processes, and documents,
  • The component is designed for the Plus Workflow system, regardless of the form of licensing this system.