Plus OCR

A Plus OCR version on Premise is the Plus Workflow module that enables reading data from invoice header. Thanks to this solution, the data from the invoice header is read using the OCR technology and automatically entered into the invoice registration form. This component reduces the labor intensity associated with invoice registration. Service without implementation, based on the engine.

The Plus OCR module is a solution dedicated to reading data from the invoice image. This component is embedded in the Plus Workflow system.
The module is a result of cooperation with a provider of a service for document scanning, unique for Poland and Europe, which main objective is to obtain an indexed data repository that can be transferred automatically to a financial and accounting system.

It is a solution that has the business logic of reading data from any invoice in Polish and English. Importantly, activation of other language versions is also possible. The built-in business logic allows the application to recognize the data from a document image, read it, and then transfer it to the Plus Workflow system.
Thanks to this solution, the person responsible for invoice registration in the Plus Workflow system receives a form with filled-in fields describing the invoice.

The Plus OCR module allows reading data from the following document types:

  • purchase invoices,
  • sale invoices,
  • orders,
  • receipts.