Plus Vendor Checker

A Plus Vendor Checker module is an extension of the Plus Workflow system. Thanks to it, the system automatically checks if a bank account of a contractor is on a list of VAT taxpayers, the so-called whitelist. Additionally, the plugin enables the mass checking of bank accounts directly by the users.

The module is an extension of the Plus Workflow system. The usage of the Plus Vendor Checker in business processes automates obtaining current (in the moment of verification) information whether a given bank account is on a ‘whitelist’ or not. To check the status, the Plus Workflow user does not have to use other applications or switch between different website windows.

The Plus Vendor Checker verifies the correctness of the string entered in the fields Bank Account Number and the Tax Identification Number (TIN). If the entered number is incorrect (e.g. one digit is missing), the system displays the comment Incorrect Bank Account Number or Incorrect Tax Identification Number. The system also automatically checks errors and indicates them in case of occurrence.

After a positive verification, the system ‘searches’ the encrypted file (shared by the National Tax Administration on the website of the Ministry of Finance) in terms of data compliance and truthfulness. The received results are displayed in the Plus Workflow system as follows:

  • An account 123 of the contractor with the Tax Identification Number XYZ is on the VAT register (whitelist).
  • An account 123 of the contractor with the Tax Identification Number XYZ is NOT on the VAT register (whitelist).


The Plus Workflow system allows launching the Plus Vendor Checker in one of the following variants:

  • An automatic mode – the IBAN and TIN verification is realized in an automatic task, placed directly on the map of the task approval process. In this variant, the information about the compatibility of IBAN and TIN is in the comments form, available on the task approval process, or in an additional form field.
  • ‘Verify IBAN and TIN’ button – in this variant, the verification button is in the task realization form in the Plus Workflow system. Depending on the configuration, the verification status will be presented in the form of a pop-up or placed in an additional ‘Status’ field on the task implementation form.
  • Validator under the task approval button – the verification of the contractor’s data is executed by selecting the approve button. In this variant, the system displays the information in the form of a message. When the TIN and the IBAN of a contractor are incompatible and are not on the VAT whitelist, the acceptance process is blocked (there is, however, a possibility to accept the task manually). If the verification succeeds, the Plus Vendor Checker saves the message content and sends the task to the next stage.

After downloading and installing the plugin on the System Parameters, it is essential to enter a Ministry of Finance server address to download the data from the database for verification. The automatic task checks the Bank Account Number with the Tax Identification Number/National Business Registry Number in the database of the Ministry of Finance. The component displays the results in the form of a comment or an automatic confirmation on the task form. The obtained data can be saved to the task variable. Importantly, all the correct queries are saved in the internal table of the Plus Vendor Checker plugin.

The data on taxpayers’ bank accounts presented by the Plus Vendor Checker is shared by the National Tax Administration on the Ministry of Finance website Therefore, Suncode is not responsible for the timeliness of data and messages shared by the website.

License characteristics of the plug-in:

  • License – for the server, an unlimited number of users, processes, and documents,
  • The component designed for the server version of the Plus Workflow,
  • The component is available with the Plus Workflow system license from version 3.2.