Plus Workflow Mobile

The Plus Workflow Mobile is an application of the Plus Workflow system, thanks to which users can work in the system directly from a mobile device with iOS or Android operating system.

The basic functionality of the Plus Workflow Mobile application is the implementation of processes in the Plus Workflow system via mobile devices. From the application level, the user has access to all the functions of a given process: modifying the form, adding comments and attachments, or triggering actions via buttons. This extension improves the flow of ongoing processes, thanks to the immediate execution of the tasks. The Plus Workflow Mobile enables initiating new processes from mobile device.

Users of the Plus Workflow system will no longer be dependent on access to a computer – all they need is a simple smartphone or tablet and an Internet connection. The Plus Workflow Mobile works regardless of location.


The functions of the Plus Workflow Mobile module include:

  • Ability to initiate the process;
  • Ability to fill in all fields of the form and make decisions by selecting the appropriate button;
  • Ability to attach a comment and document directly from the phone or by taking a picture;
  • Transparent user task box;
  • Ability to download attached documents and verify added comments;
  • Application sends information about the arrival of a new task to the notification box on the phone;
  • Application allows remembering the user’s name and password on a given mobile device;
  • Once the application is properly configured on a smartphone, it is possible to automatically log in to the system.


License characteristics of the plug-in:

  • The Plus Workflow Mobile application can run on a mobile device with Android version 2.3.3 and higher, iOS.
  • License – for the server, unlimited number of processes, and documents, number of users depends on the purchased version
  • The component is designed for the Plus Workflow system,
  • The component is an extension of the Plus Workflow system.