Template Configurator

A Template Configurator is a module of the Plus Workflow system. It is a dedicated application to define template designs used to read data from PDF files. The module is required for the Plus eInvoice.

The Template Configurator is a required application for the Plus eInvoice module. The Plus eInvoice downloads the invoice attached to an email and automatically detects the file format. Then, for the PDF text files, it conducts automatic indexing. Afterward, the invoice image, along with the indexes, is transferred to the Plus Workflow system. Reading the correct index values from the PDF files with the invoice image is based on the defined templates. The realization of template definitions occurs in a dedicated application – Template Configurator.

One license of the application for generating electronic invoice templates, Template Configurator, is added as standard for the Plus eInvoice module license.


The Plus Template Configurator is responsible for reading the PDF files and is essential for the Plus eInvoice module.

License characteristics of the plug-in:

  • Stand-alone application designed to configure forms for reading data from PDF text files,
  • Application required for the Plus eInvoice module,
  • Additional license fee,
  • The component is available with the Plus Workflow system license from version 2.9.