Plus XML


A Plus XML is an additional component of the Plus Workflow system. This module is used for the management of files in XML format, enabling reading data included in such files. As a result, the users often exploit it to register documents send via the EDI systems.


The Plus XML module is used for the management of files in XML format in the Plus Workflow. It automatically downloads data from an XML file, then transfers this file along with a set of indexes to an external system, e.g., the Plus Workflow of the Plus DMS. The module automatically indexes archived messages based on the data contained in the message header, such as the sender, message date, subject, email ID. The application also reads and saves files attached to an email or in the directory monitored by the module.

Scope of the functionalities:

  • monitoring of one or multiple mailboxes, optionally the directory on which the files will be saved,
  • automatic recognition of the attached files in an XML or other formats,
  • for the files format other than XML, the application sends the file to the Plus Workflow system without index values,
  • the automatic linking XML with the email ID,
  • individual archiving of XML files – when one mail contains more than one XML file, each of them is sent to the external system separately,
  • archiving the entire message or its attachments,
  • the possibility to transfer email content to an external system form as an index describing the file.