21 May
The electronic flow of documents - a priority during remote work

The electronic flow of documents - a priority during remote work

Due to changes related to work organization, enterprises are still looking for a comprehensive tool that will allow them to freely perform their duties outside the office. A perfect system should not only enable remote work for employees but also facilitate the approval of tasks and documents by people at the highest level of the organization. The Plus Workflow is the solution you need – it enables you to transfer work from office to home and manage the documents and business processes remotely.

COVID-19 epidemic has started a few months ago and is still ongoing. Although the government is slowly lifting the restrictions, we still need to behave responsibly and follow the safety regulations. Companies strive to continue to operate effectively, even though the situation forced them to move work outside the office. It will take some time before everyone returns to their offices, especially that it will be possible only if the job place meets all the requirements regarding the protection of employees’ health and life. Most of the team at Suncode works from home. Remote work is possible thanks to the usage of our flagship solution for document flow and business processes management – Plus Workflow.

Work in the Plus Workflow system

As far as possible, employees perform their duties from home. Nevertheless, the lack of a system that automates business processes imposes many restrictions. Thanks to the Plus Workflow system you may deal with a wide range of tasks from many business fields such as:

 HR management: holiday or childcare request, settlement of business trips and advances, purchase requisitions, electronic attendance list, personal documentation,

 correspondence processes: registration of incoming and outgoing correspondence, access to the electronic repository,

 the flow of invoices in an electronic form: warehouse, advance or final invoices, payment orders,

 reviewing, signing or archiving of contracts – by using a DocuSign electronic signature platform, available directly from the Plus Workflow system, you can sign a document from any location.

Naturally, it is only a part of the possibilities offered by the Plus Workflow. We approach each implementation individually and possess over 100 different processes available within the platform. After the implementation of the Plus Workflow, you will perform all tasks swiftly and effortlessly. Moreover, the system helps to avoid downtime and provide authorized users with a record of all performed tasks and archived documents. Thanks to that, it is possible to check at what stage is the given task and who is responsible for it.

We will be more than happy to present to you the Plus Workflow capabilities and benefits resulting from its implementation – naturally, remotely! Do not hesitate to contact us: +48 661 071 068, +48 667 101 722, +48 (61) 8200-449, sales@sklep.suncode.pl