Plus Barcode Reader

The Plus Barcode Reader module is an extension of the Plus Workflow system, which allows the mass separation of documents based on their barcodes.

The Plus Barcode Reader is used for separating documents scanned by multifunction devices and reading values from assigned to them barcodes. The module divides the scanned package into individual documents based on the barcodes and launches the suitable workflow path for each of them. This module supports the mass scanning of documents.

The Plus Barcode Reader enables a unique identification of scanned documents (invoices, contracts) and ensures their control in the enterprise.


After scanning a package of documents, the Plus Barcode Reader module analyses them in search of barcodes. A page with a barcode is considered the first page of a document, and the remaining pages (without a barcode) are considered the continuation of this document. Only when a barcode is detected on one of the following pages the system generates a new document.

For each of the identified documents, the module creates an independent file. This file is added to the selected document class or attached to the process indicated by the user.

After identifying the document, the Plus Barcode Reader creates a set of information about documents that can be used in the process. This information concerns:

  • ID of the document from which the new document was created;
  • ID of the new document with the barcode;
  • ID of the package from which the barcode came;
  • The code from the package;
  • The barcode found in the document;
  • The document class to which the new document was saved.

License characteristics of the plug-in:

  • License – for the server, unlimited number of users, processes, and documents,
  • The component is designed for the Plus Workflow system,
  • The component is an extension of the Plus Workflow system.